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Re: Problem with lprng turned out to be problem with dpkg?

On Apr 10, Philippe Troin wrote
> On 10 Apr 1997 23:37:34 CDT Rob Browning (osiris@cs.utexas.edu) wrote:
> > OK, new proposal.  Packages stay the same as they are now except that
> > dpkg *enforces* the default permissions for things like /usr/bin
> > /usr/man, etc by default.  Each package can then contain a list of
> > exceptions (debian.permexcepts or whatever) which are processed just
> > after the archive is unpacked.  Bad idea?
> Definitively ! :-)
> What if *I* want *my* /usr to be UID root, GID bin, sgid ?
> No, dpkg shouldn't enforce permissions and ownerships on existing directories.
that's why we have suidmanager. it has a list of all files, that may be 
suid or sgid. if you want an additional file to be suid, yust register
your file in /etc/suidmanager (or how that file is called). if you dont
want an suid file to be suid, yust modify these file, and change the
permissions to 755 (don't delete that line - next update will bring it
back, but changing to 755 should be permanent).

i like the idea of having a master file with a list of all suid files,
with tools to maintain it (register/unregister/chksuids).

regards andreas

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