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Re: Problem with lprng turned out to be problem with dpkg?

Tony Finch <fanf@lspace.org> writes:

> To fix things properly, you would have to use a more general
> definition of leaf directory than usual: for example, in the lprng
> case, the directories affected are /var/spool/lpd and
> /var/spool/lpd/lp.

Oops, I don't know why, but I stupidly assumed that things like /usr,
/tmp, and /usr/doc wouldn't be listed in a package, that they would
just be implicit when say /usr/doc/mypackage was mentioned.  Thinking
about it now, I knew better than that.

OK, new proposal.  Packages stay the same as they are now except that
dpkg *enforces* the default permissions for things like /usr/bin
/usr/man, etc by default.  Each package can then contain a list of
exceptions (debian.permexcepts or whatever) which are processed just
after the archive is unpacked.  Bad idea?


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