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Re: mkisofs outdated

Bruce Perens writes:
> > Also, Debian's cdwrite program probably needs to be patched...
> From: joey@office.individual.net (Martin Schulze)
> > And I believe that it lacks support for the Yamaha CDR400(c) writer.
> This is the first recorder to conform to the new SCSI-3 standard for
> CD writers.

Hmm, why did I know that it would make problems buying the newest
writer... *sniff*  but the old one wasn't available anymore. :-((

> There is a GPL-ed CD-writer driver that Debian doesn't currently distribute
> called "cdrecord". See ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/cdrecord . Someone

Is anyone going to package this for unstable?

> is planning to work on CDR400 support for that program.

Ah, so my assumption was correct that cdwrite can't handle this

Winni: Would you please mention these two issues in the mini-HOWTO.

> If you want to keep up with these issues, subscribe to the cdwrite mailing
> list by sending "subscribe" to cdwrite-request@pixar.com .

Will do so.



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