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Re: Problem with lprng turned out to be problem with dpkg?

Rob Browning <osiris@cs.utexas.edu> writes:
> I do agree that either solution is unsatisfactory, and that my
> proposed change could easily cause more problems than it solves, so
> what if we left things as they are, but have dpkg check the
> permissions in the file system against the archive, and scream bloody
> murder if they differ.  This would get the problem fixed in a hurry
> when broken packages are released.

This is probably not unreasonable.

Another thing that has been kicked around in the past, that could be
applied here, is if, when building the package, dpkg-deb could be told
to adjust ownership, permissions, etc.

It's been talked about as a way to avoid having to have root perms to
build a package, but since it presumably would require specifications
of the permissions/owners (or at least the exceptions to the rules),
then that might also minimize the problems at the point of build.


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