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Re: mkisofs outdated

On Apr 10, John Goerzen wrote

> I recently purchased a CD writer.
> I noticed that the latest mkisofs program has been substantially updated
> over the version in Debian -- the later version has multisession support,
> etc.  Also, Debian's cdwrite program probably needs to be patched to support
> multisession.

And I believe that it lacks support for the Yamaha CDR400(c) writer.
On the same machine it works with WinOnCD, a software that is written for
Lose95, so it's probably not a problem with the scsi adapter.

> Is this package currently being maintained?  If not, I suggest that somebody
> take it.  (I would volunteer but I doubt that I have the technical expertise
> to deal with ISO filesystems and CD-R creation programs, nor the ability to
> test for bugs.)

Here's the same... I even don't own a Lose95 machine so I have to
store the writer at a friends room. :-(



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