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Re: names and addresses for maintainers

jim@jimpick.com (Jim Pick)  wrote on 06.04.97 in <[🔎] 199704062334.QAA22012@fleming.jimpick.com>:

> I prefer the current situation - I have complete control over my current
> e-mail address.  Besides, people know me by my e-mail address - who is
> this jim@debian.org guy anyways?

What I have been doing is this:

Set the maintainer field to "kai@debian.org" (which, incidentally,  
currently forwards to kai-master@khms.westfalen.de), and have every  
changelog entry (and the "was debianized by" and whatever else there is)  
read "kai@khms.westfalen.de".

So everyone desperately looking for me has at least two addresses to try.

Of course, with my home page duly registered with the robots and me active  
on Usenet, there are more ways to find me if anything goes wrong.

Which gives me an idea. How about a - definitely _not_ public - list of  
snail mail addresses and telephone numbers of developers, so there is yet  
another way to reach them? This idea should probably be discussed on  
debian-private, though.

MfG Kai

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