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Re: problems with ssh to master?


I'm not quite sure why you are getting problems with xauth, since I do not, but you should be able to get rid of that by adding:

  ForwardX11 no

to the relevant part of your .ssh/config on the machine from which you are connecting.  I have the following in mine, and it works fine:

-----<part of ~/.ssh/config on daedalus.hands.com>-----
Host master
  User philh
  HostName master.debian.org
  RhostsAuthentication no
  UseRsh no
  FallBackToRsh no
to which you may want to add the ``ForwardX11 no'' line.

The reason for the ``Warning: Denied agent forwarding ...'' message is that master has ssh-1.2.16, which has a security hole in the way that it does agent forwarding.  For this reason 1.2.17 will not trust older versions to do agent forwarding.  This will not affect your ability to do uploads.

Can you do something like:

  scp /etc/profile philh@master.debian.org:scp_test1

successfully ?  (with your username)  It should create a file in you home directory.

Cheers, Phil.

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