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Re: new lists and mailagent

I take the complementary approach -- gnus does all the sorting, and I
use nnmail-split-fancy, with lines like
	("X-Mailing-List" "debian-\\(\\w*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")
	("X-Mailing-List" "debian-\\([-_a-z]*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")
	("Delivered-To" "debian-\\([-_a-z]*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")
	("Delivered-To" "bruce-lists--debian-\\(\\w*\\)@lists.debian.org" "mail.debian.\\1")

which capture most of the recent variants :-) I have a few other
fallbacks but these are the ones that trigger most of the mail.  No
hassle, no changes when new groups appear (I think they even tend to
show up in the right Topic, though that's probably by accident :-)

The same trick applies to netbsd:
	(any "port-\\(\\w*\\)@netbsd.org" "mail.netbsd.port.\\1")
	(any "tech-\\(\\w*\\)@netbsd.org" "mail.netbsd.tech.\\1")
though I occasionally get bit by people mixing case in the list names.

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