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new lists and mailagent


	I have finally given in and generalized my handling of Debian
 lists in my mail filtering system (given in in the sense I am
 resigned to being ephemerally subscribed to various new and fleetnig
 Debian mailing lists, and I felt that maybe I should share my
 solutionn and ask for critiques and examples of how other people
 handle this (never, never again post after two bottles of wine).

	I use gnus-5.4.40 to read the mailing lists as newgroups, and
 mailagent delivers to the spool files that gnus reads from.

	This delivers into the following files curently (I just joined
 the doc and the www lists, I still have not joined the qa list):

 debian.spool debian-announce.spool debian-bugs.spool
 debian-changes.spool debian-devel.spool debian-doc.spool
 debian-private.spool debian-user.spool debian-www.spool


===================excerpt from my mailagent.rules=======================

# The mailing lists I subscribe to.

# Get Debian out of the way first
To Resent-From Resent-To Resent-Reply-To Cc X-Mailing-List:
 /DEBIAN/i  { VACATION off; UNIQUE -a; REJECT Debian };

# munch munch

<Debian>  To Resent-From Resent-To Resent-Reply-To Cc X-Mailing-List:
   { ASSIGN list %1; 
     SUBST #list /-(request|dist)//i; 
     SUBST #list /devel-changes/changes/i; 
     ANNOTATE X-Debian-list %#list; 
     SAVE %#list.spool};
<Debian>  All:  /./     { ANNOTATE X-Debian-list Unknown; SAVE debian.spool};

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Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
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