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Re: New Package: martian 0.10-1

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> Bruce Perens:
> > I'll see the RedHat guys this weekend, and I'm sure that "alien" and
> > "martian" will be a topic of conversation.
> > Erik has offered before to add support for the full range of DPKG 
> > dependencies to RPM.
> Even if rpm supports Suggests and Recommends like dpkg does, there will
> still be problems since the two distributions have different names for some 
> packages. If we wanted full dependancy support in converted packages, someone 

In all the discussion about DPKG and RPM, has anyone gotten the idea
to create a new package manager from scratch that incorporates the best
features of both RPM and DPKG?

                                Willie Daniel
               Linux-GGI Project: http://synergy.foo.net/~ggi/

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