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Re: New Package: martian 0.10-1

Bruce Perens:
> I'll see the RedHat guys this weekend, and I'm sure that "alien" and
> "martian" will be a topic of conversation.

Darn, I wish I could make it to the Expo. :-( Anybody passing through 
northeast Tennessee/southwest Virginia on their way there?

> Erik has offered before to add support for the full range of DPKG 
> dependencies to RPM.

Even if rpm supports Suggests and Recommends like dpkg does, there will
still be problems since the two distributions have different names for some 
packages. If we wanted full dependancy support in converted packages, someone 
would have to maintain a list of what redhat and debian packages are 
equivilant -- no easy job, or we'd have to rename some packages. 

Of course, virtual packages are a whole other problem, would rpm support 

> I think there's a bit that we'd have to do to "dpkg" to make it understand
> their install scripts. 

Well, yes and no. I can pull their equivilant of {pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts 
out of a rpm. Since they are always shell scripts, it should be possible to
process them into debian {pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts. At least I think this
will work, but I admit not thought it out in full yet. But I can't convert the
other direction as easily, since our {pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts can be
other files than plain shell scripts, and I don't think rpm supports a spec
file with an embedded perl program in it, for instance.

See shy Jo.

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