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Re: virtual package for words dictionary?

>>>>> "Joey" == Joey Hess <joey@kite.ml.org> writes:

    Joey> I'm packaging up bsdgames, and some of the programs need a word list like is
    Joey> provided by wenglish. I'd prefer not to just depend on wenglish, because
    Joey> there are the other word list package for differnet languages that could be
    Joey> used just as well.

    Joey> Why isn't there a virtual package for wenglish, wfrench, wspanish, etc? Has
    Joey> this even been considered? I think we should have a "dictionary" virtual
    Joey> package, and bsdgames (and probably ispell) depend on it.

    Joey> -- 
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    Joey> ';s/=/__/g;y|*!| \\|;for(split/-/){print' 'x$o--."$_\n"}# a M.C. Escher fan

the word list provided by w? packages aren't dictionaries but wordlists.
So if you choose to add a virtual package I recommend the virtual package
name wordlist or words but not dictionary.


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