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Re: Two Environments (was: I am a...)

   On Mar 2, Jim Pick wrote:

> I find running two systems allows one to keep in touch with reality (a bit).
> Most of the consulting I do is for MS Windows (3.1/95/NT) based environments,
> so I need it.  Also, if you need to stay up to date with what people are
> using on the Internet, you really need Windows 95.  It's got the market share,
> and certain applications are available only for it.  Primarily, I use it
> for Microsoft Word, CorelDraw/PhotoPaint, Quicken, QuickTax (a Canadian
> tax software package from Intuit), and PC Banking (Canadian Imperial
> Bank of Commerce).  It's going to be a while before all of these
> essential tools are available for Linux.

Well, not quite :-)

Corel is porting all of their programs over to Java, and that code will run
on Linux.  This includes WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, Draw,
Photo-Paint, etc.  I have already run the preview (still very alpha) Corel
Office for Java on my Linux box -- it is very cool to see the Quattro Pro
that I am familiar with from Windows running natively on Linux!

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