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Re: problem with folder locking: procmail and pine

   On Mar 3, Malc Arnold wrote:

> > What's wrong with using dot-locking in conjunction with fcntl/flock?
> It blows up horribly if /var/spool/mail (or the local equivalent) is
> mounted via NFS.  Dot-locking is the *only* reliable locking mechanism
> in that case; and since a Debian package can't know in advance what
> its run-time environment should be, then it shouldn't use any locking
> mechanism except .lock files.

OK, I can understand how flock might not work over NFS.  What puzzles me is
why this wouldn't work:

 * MUA/MTA first creates the dot-locking file
 * Then it uses flock to lock it

This way, it uses both systems.

How would using flock like that cause it to fail?

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