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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

On 2 Mar 1997, Kai Henningsen wrote:

> cjf@netaxs.com (Chris Fearnley)  wrote on 01.03.97 in <199703020453.XAA03027@unix3.netaxs.com>:
> > release of our next "stable".  The old TeX though buggy, at least
> > installs properly with dselect.
> Never did for me.

Yes.  For me, on two machines it went smooth, on three it was a pain.  I 
agree that we should go with tetex, and I'm sure a poll of the user list 
would yield a majority opinion in favor of tetex.  And, let's get tetex 
out with 1.3, doing our best to smooth out the upgrade procedure, of 

Thanks.  Syrus.

Syrus Nemat-Nasser <syrus@ucsd.edu>    UCSD Physics Dept.

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