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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex


	If I may advocate teTeX here:

 a) The teTeX distribution is (IMHO) quite sweetly put together (after
    8 years of rolling my own installation, I gladly switched to
    teTeX, fewer problems, easier upgradability, etc).
 b) Configuring the installed TeX is easy (even has a GUI interface)
 c) It is actively maintained and tracks upstream versions of
    everything a working TeX installation requires
 d) It follows the *TeX standard Directory Structure*, which I do not
    believe that our installation ever did (I could be wrong here).
 e) It has taken over the mantle of UnixTeX.
 f) It is multi-platform (I used it on DEC ALpha, Ultrix, and HPPA
 g) If we roll our own, we'll probably end up with something that
    looks like teTeX. (why re-invent the wheel?)

	Unless we have a technical fault to find with teTeX, using it
 as a long term solution would not be a bad idea. 
 Note that I'm not saying that we must include it in 1.3; the upgrade
 issue has a bearing on that. I was just wondering if rollig our own
 is still justified. (IMHO, it is not).

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