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Re: PROPOSAL: New Debian Manuals


On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, Peter Tobias wrote:

> On Mar 1, Christian Schwarz wrote
> > Here is a lists of Debian Manuals that would be nice to have:
> Very good idea!
> > Debian User's Manual
> >   installation, setting up, system maintaince (backups, etc.),
> >   how to build a .deb, FAQ, etc.
> It should only contain release independant questions and answers.
> Each release should have its own additional document with questions
> and answers to the release. This document should contain solutions
> to problems that Debian users had while installing. For 1.2 it
> would contain information on how to solve the problem with perl
> and libdl. This document could simply be a collection from emails
> which contain solutions to the problems.

Why do you want to seperate "release independent" questions from "release
dependend" questions?

I think it would be good to have to User's Manual updated for _every_
release, but this manual could also include some chapters that were not
touched until the last release. This would simplify things for the user.

You are probably referring to a chapter "Release Notes", which we should
definitely include in the manual. However I think that the manual should
also contain more general documentation about a Debian system, as a
description of /etc/init.d/* or setting up X, for example.

> The document should also
> be available online on the web server.

Yes, that's what I've planned to do. And we should have copies of the
manuals (extracted) in a doc/ directory on our FTP server.



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