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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, Chris Fearnley wrote:

> 'Vincent Renardias wrote:'
> >> nature that risking keeping tetex in the distribution seems very unwise
> >> to me.
> >
> >	Before to do this, could we try to change the preinst script of 
> >tetex to detect if the previous version of TeX is installed as it has 
> >already been proposed here? This scheme has been working for several 
> >packages, so why not tetex? (Of course if for some reason it doesn't 
> >work, we'll have to delay tetex a bit more).
> Because having a major part of the system not be smothly upgradeable is
> unacceptable.  My understanding of this hack is the postinst would
> explain how to manually upgrade the tex packages and then bail.
> Although this would obviously work (to the extent that dpkg wouldn't
> blow up as it does now), I find it to be offensive to the strength of
> Debian:  easy upgreadability.  Therefore, I say no to tetex.  They can
> try again for the next unstable or better yet make a roll-our-own TeX
> as was discussed and agreed to on debian-devel several months ago.

	I agree that it's not very good to use such hacks into the install 
scripts, but there are so many bugs in the old TeX distrib that I think 
it's worth to try it...

	What do the other think?

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