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Re: libc5-5.4.20 and _ctype

Maarten Boekhold <M.Boekhold@ET.TUDelft.NL> writes:

> #include <ctype.h> gave me some strange results. I looked in the file, 
> and at the start it said: #include_next <ctype.h>
> I don't know about this preprocessor-directive, and apparantly so doesn't 
> cpp. I changed this into:

cpp knows about it.  From its info pages:

   The clean way to solve this problem [.h files in different
directories, but with the same filename] is to use `#include_next',
which means, "Include the *next* file with this name."  This directive
works like `#include' except in searching for the specified file: it
starts searching the list of header file directories *after* the
directory in which the current file was found.

Are you using some other cpp or invoking it directly with some odd


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