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libc5_5.4.20-1 and _ctype


Don't know if this is a bug on my part or a package bug:

#include <ctype.h> gave me some strange results. I looked in the file, 
and at the start it said: #include_next <ctype.h>

I don't know about this preprocessor-directive, and apparantly so doesn't 
cpp. I changed this into:

#include <linux/ctype.h>

This *seemed* to work, but on linking I get errors saying that _ctype and 
_ctmp are undefined.

In <linux/ctype.h> these are declared as:

extern unsigned char _ctype[];
extern char _ctmp;

Anybody knows what I'm doing wrong? This is really annoying, I just can't 
get programs to compile anymore!


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