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Re: teTeX

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Richard Kaszeta wrote:

> I do have a question about the new teTeX packages:
> I don't the the copyright information include is correct (the
> tetex-base I just downloaded from 'bo' had the GPL in there).  While
> this is true for most of the stuff, I am certain it is not the case
> for the entire package (although if this is not the case it is the
> fault of the upstream maintainer, Thomas Esser)

You are right. IMHO not everything is "free" and some parts have to be
placed in non-free.

Perhaps we should make a package "tetex-nonfree" that contains these files
and which is placed in non-free? I would like to see all the tetex*
packages it non-free!



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