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Re: Two packages need finishing

On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, Christophe Le Bars wrote:

> **On 28 Feb, CL (Christoph Lameter) wrote:
> CL>I have uploaded two packages to experimental that I have toyed around with
> CL>but do not find the time to finish them. I would like someone else to
> CL>release those if possible. They are already fully debianized but have some
> CL>problems needing attention.
> I've also made a hylafax package but i never upload it
> since Dermot Bradley said a long time ago he will upload one.
> If Dermot Bradley finally doesn't want to maintain this package,
> i can maintain it...

I had to disappear off the 'Net for 2 weeks (I quit my job, moved to a 
dialup connection, etc). I had hoped to upload my hylafax package back 
then but at that stage it was the least of my worries.

Anyway, I do have the HylaFax package (along with the other packages like 
Gated) but I need to sort out a new PGP key (depends on email address 
doesn't it?) and an FTP site to put my work-in-progress packages.

Dermot Bradley

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