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Re: Why does dpkg overwrite files?

On 6 Mar 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> Andy Mortimer <andy.mortimer@poboxes.com> writes:
> > And is there any reason why I shouldn't use
> > --refuse-overwrite in dpkg-mountable, and report bugs against packages
> > which include the same file as each other?
> No reason at all.  Please do file the bugs.

I wasn't offering to reinstall my whole system. ;) Just to file bugs
against any packages I found doing this after including this mod.

> When --force-overwrite was first introduced into dpkg, it was off by
> default and caused many problems.  We decided to *temporarily* turn it
> on until all the packages could be fixed.

I had a feeling I'd heard something like that before.

Right. For everyone who uses dpkg-mountable, here is a friendly warning:
it will soon stop allowing overwrites (as of the next version, due now in
a couple of days :). It will be configurable, of course, but the default
will be to disallow it. If I get the time, I'll put in a little check for
this problem, and give a message saying to install it by hand and file a
bug report.

Unless, of course, everyone screams. Hopefully we can get rid of these
problems before the next release, whatever it ends up being called. ;)



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