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Re: Mercury compiler (policy, anybody)?

On 5 Mar 1997, Milan Zamazal wrote:

> >>>>> "TL" == Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> writes:
>     TL: On 24 Feb 1997, Milan Zamazal wrote:
>     :: 1. (Policy question): Mercury contains binary `mc', which is
>     :: the same name as for popular Midnight Commander binary.  I
>     :: didn't like to see such a stupid conflict between mercury and
>     :: mc only because their binaries have the same name.  Is there
>     :: some solution of this problem?
>     TL: Change the name of mercury to mcc or add mercury_ as a prefix
>     TL: (if it uses autoconf, do `configure
>     TL: --program-prefix=mercury_'), or call it simply "mercury" (if
>     TL: that's the name of the package, why not?).
>     TL: Midnight commander should get the because:-
>     TL: 	1. The package is called "mc". People expect the
>     TL: binary to be called that.
>     TL: 	2. It's more popular.
>     TL: 	3. It's already in the distribution.
> OK.  May be something like that should be added to the policy manual?

(Note that I haven't followed your thread so far but as I'm the Policy
Manager I had a look this message.)

Your solutions seams to be ok for me for this special case. But what
should we do if two packages are "equally popular"? 

If you want to add something to our policy manual, someone has to try to
formulate the idea, so we can simple discuss it. We need something more
"general" for our manual, as for example:

``It is not allowed that two packages install programs with different
functionality but with the same filenames. (The case of two programs
having the same functionality but different implementations is handled via
`alternatives.') If this case happens, one of the programs has to be
renamed. The maintainers should report this to the developers' mailing
list where it will be dicussed. The VP of Engineering will make a final
decision which program has to be renamed.''

Note that this is just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Please
modify this little paragraph or rewrite it completely. I need something
like that to add it to the manual.



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