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Re: SOLVED: Erk! Something is *really* wrong here!

> I'm getting the same problem on some of my systems. I've got a good
> suspicion that it's mgetty 1.1...here's why:
>  - on machines which have no modems connected to them, there is no
> corruption. some of these have hundreds of telnet/ftp logins per day, so
> wtmp/utmp gets written to often enough that corruption would show up if
> it was going to.
>  - on machines with a lot of modem logins, i get a lot of wtmp corruption.
>  - on machines with only a few modem logins per day, i only get a little
> corruption.
> all of these machines track unstable pretty closely (some more closely
> than others). I've just downgraded to mgetty 1.0-1 from rex-fixed on one
> of the dialin machines... i'll check in a few hours to see if that makes
> any difference.
> maybe mgetty 1.1 was compiled on a system with glibc installed???
> craig


I also suspected of mgetty and changed from it to mingetty for the
consoles (I do not have modems connected to my machine and have
the same problem). The problem persists (do both mgetty and
mingetty have been compiled with glibc?). I don't have glibc installed
on my system.


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     Department of Physics - University of Reading - England - U.K.

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