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Re: Upgrade procedure for tetex

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Alonso Soto Jacome <masoto@uniandes.edu.co> writes:

Martin> The only thing I dislike here is the "This is how to do it"
Martin> part.  Old TeX packages are buggy, and that makes them hard to
Martin> uninstall (at least cleanly) under certain conditions.  That's
Martin> likely to cause problems to many people doing the upgrade, and
Martin> will keep the now generalized idea that Debian TeX is a bad
Martin> thing.

It is a good point.

Martin> In addition to the method suggested by Kai (checking for old
Martin> packages in preinstall and issuing a polite message to the
Martin> user) I would suggest something else.  Why not creating a
Martin> shell script that is able to perform the upgrade in a clean
Martin> manner.  The script would look for any old TeX packages,
Martin> remove them in the appropriate dependency order (and with the
Martin> appropriate dpkg options) and install the new tetex packages,
Martin> again in the right order.  

It is a good idea, I think.  Does anyone know a way to surely purge
the old Debian TeX packages?

Billy C.-M. Chow <cmchow@se.cuhk.edu.hk>
Department of Systems Engineering       
The Chinese University of Hong Kong    

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