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Re: dpkg can't handle multiple replaces (was: Freezing Bo)

Christian Hudon <chudon@ee.mcgill.ca> writes:

> It's also very hard to upgrade to tetex using dselect... Partly because of
> this missing feature (from /usr/doc/dpkg/WISHLIST):
>  * understand Replaces in dselect
> Maybe it might be a good idea to delay tetex until 1.4?

Maybe so, this is going to generate a *bunch* of bad publicity.

I know I had quite a bit of trouble installing debian's tetex on a
machine yesterday, and I was expecting the trouble.  Among other
things the packages were upset that /etc/texmf and /usr/lib/texmf were
left around because the older TeX packages hadn't been removed
properly.  We need to fix this.  I think this should be high on the
dpkg repair list.


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