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Re: Work in progress on new packages

Martin Alonso Soto Jacome <masoto@uniandes.edu.co> writes:

> I'm currently working on two new pieces of software for Debian:
>   - WXWindows: (http://web.ukonline.co.uk/julian.smart/wxwin/) a
>     portable GUI toolkit for C++.  An application written with it can
>     be compiled for M$ Windows, XView and Motif without changing
>     anything (or at least that's what the author claims).  It includes
>     most common widgets (texts, checkboxes, radio buttons and the
>     like) as well as a nice help facility that allows to write a
>     single help file that can later be browsed both under Windoze and
>     under UNIX.
>     I plan to initially create precompiled packages for XView (I don't
>     have Motif) but I could produce Motif packages as well, if
>     somebody owning Motif is willing to help me.

We're beginning to see more and more Motif programs linked against
Lesstif in the distribution.  You could try substituting it in.  I
notice there's a new release (0.77) of Lesstif for Debian.  Get the
Lesstif source if you're on a dialup, since it's smaller - it compiles
cleanly (did for me).

Lesstif aims to be source compatible to Motif 1.2 (binary
compatibility may be an added bonus).  See http://www.hungry.org for
more details on Lesstif.

Best wishes,


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