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Re: Freezing Bo (Debian 1.3)

[Sent to you only - I may have missed the conclustion of the discussion.
please post if appropriate]

In article <33147FBE.452B40D2@verisim.com> you write:
>I've been granted the position of "distribution manage" so I'd like to
>get underway with freezing Bo.  This was originally scheduled for tomorrow,
>but it'll take at least a week to get going.
>Does anybody have any concerns that must be addressed before the freeze?

There was a fair amount of talk about putting non-free and contrib under 
stable/unstable. There seemed to be a fair degree of support for this 
reorganisation on debian-devel (though I support the idea so may be biased).

IIRC the idea was something like:



This needs to be done now, or you could decide to do it in the next unstable. 

Dselect may need to be changed to allow this to work cleanly.

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