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Re: GNU libc

> If you mean the locale data files, as opposed to the locele utilities,
> then either wg15-locale or glibc locales can probably be used.  Glibc
> provided them so I packaged them.  This is all experimental at the
> moment, remember.  I'm in no position to know which one is better.

But that's exactly the problem. I tried installing the locale data files
after purging wg15-locale. But then neither perl nor tcsh (I didn't try
other) were able to load my locale correctly. If I keep wg15-locale in all
is fine.

This comes from both packages using different paths it seems. Just look at
the listing:



And not just that. In the former de_DE is a directory. In the latter it's a

Also David, locales does conflict and replace with localebin, but only
conflict with wg15-locale. Is that what you wanted?


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