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Re: Sorry, I sent a FAQ to debian-user


On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Ioannis Tambouras wrote:

>  A few seconds ago, I send an rc5-race faq to debian-user. It was
> more appropriate if I had posted to debian-devel firt. Well, it now done.
> I send the following:
> 4.   WHAT HAPPENS TO THE $10,000 PRIZE ?
> ----------------------------------------
>  It is not clear who will declared the winner. Maybe it is top email
>  address, or maybe the address that finds the key. Do not know.

The $10,000 goes to whoever cracks the key, of course.  I am pretty sure
New Media Laboratories is not getting any of it (unless they crack it).

>  Debian has no official announcement on what will do with the prize. They 
>  should. Most likely, part or the whole prize will get donated somewhere.
>  (where?) 

I think we decided we would donate part to Linux International, and leave
part for us (Software in the Public Interest or whatever).

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