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Re: RC5 Challenge: We are on 7th place.....

David Engel wrote ...
> On Feb 24, Mike Neuffer wrote
> > and we have a group ready to overtake us:
> > 
> > rc5-crew@loran.com with 9.91Mk/s (we do 8.54Mk/s)
> I forgot to save the URL for monitoring this mess, what is it again?
> BTW, I added my P166 and one SS20 and two UltraSparcs from coworkers
> to our cause this evening.  If my coworkers don't notice the missing
> cycles, I may add other coworkers' systems tomorrow.

I've added my P133 Laptop and my P??? `workstation' as well as 
a 4xP??? --- but does anybody know how the SMP is done?  (I'd like to
start a rc5 process on each CPU ...)

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