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Re: policy clarification for source packages

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:

> > On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:
> > I had been under the impression that the idea of the source packages,
> > combined with the copyright statement, was to give a user a
> > road map showing him exactly how he can retrace the construction of
> > a Debian source from some specified public archive.
> ...
> > Any other approach leads, I think, to Debian's distribution of 
> > a package effectively becoming an independent source tree, which I
> > had thought was an outcome to be avoided.  
> Mike Neuffer wrote:
> > It should rather be just the other way around. The binary packages are
> > only secondary to the source packages, which must be able to compile in an
> > standard environment.
> > Once we have a PROPER source tree, we can simply compile the whole thing
> > and get all packages clean and compiled in one standard environment.
> I understand and appreciate the goal of obtaining a proper source tree.
> What I'm wishing for is that each package should internally document exactly
> where it was obtained, and what changes were necessary to evolve
> into the Debian source package.

Please take a close look at the source-tree of FreeBSD
The ports directory is EXACTLY that.



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