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Re: policy clarification for source packages

> On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:
> I had been under the impression that the idea of the source packages,
> combined with the copyright statement, was to give a user a
> road map showing him exactly how he can retrace the construction of
> a Debian source from some specified public archive.
> Any other approach leads, I think, to Debian's distribution of 
> a package effectively becoming an independent source tree, which I
> had thought was an outcome to be avoided.  

Mike Neuffer wrote:
> It should rather be just the other way around. The binary packages are
> only secondary to the source packages, which must be able to compile in an
> standard environment.
> Once we have a PROPER source tree, we can simply compile the whole thing
> and get all packages clean and compiled in one standard environment.

I understand and appreciate the goal of obtaining a proper source tree.
What I'm wishing for is that each package should internally document exactly
where it was obtained, and what changes were necessary to evolve
into the Debian source package.

Susan Kleinmann

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