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Re: Packaging mocka (Modula-2 Compiler)

GNAT has the same problem -- you need GNAT to build GNAT.  Originally
I just repackaged it as release-from-binary but more recently reworked
it so as to build from source; this assumes a previous version is
installed.  In this case, though, the binary releases are available
from the same source as the sources, the cs.nyu.edu ftp site -- and
are as trustworthy as those sources.  (My motiviation for rebuilding
was to simplify the workarounds for having a seperate gnat and gcc
package and "gnatgcc" driver.  The thread system nightmares have made
it, umm, more "interesting" since then.  I may have a 3.09 release out
soon, or maybe not :-)

I'm not sure if there is policy on this; a few quick greps fails to
find any.  At very least, a warning in the description is appropriate.

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