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Packaging mocka (Modula-2 Compiler)

Good evening guys!

My neighbour will need the mocka compiler within the next weeks so I
thought about packaging it.

At the moment I have a little problem:

    mocka is written in Modula-2
    No problem so far, but mocka is the only compiler for modula-2.
    There is a mocka binary in sunsite's incoming that I could use.

The question now is *shall* I use that binary?  I cannot guarantee
that it is not compromised and as a result I even cannot guarantee
that my package that I produce out of it won't be compromised.

Any help is apreciated.

Best regards,


  / Martin Schulze  *  joey@infodrom.north.de  *  26129 Oldenburg /
 /                              No question is too silly to ask, /
/    but, of course, some are too silly to answer  -- perl book /

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