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On using Linuxconf

Now that manoj and I have gotten over many of his problems of using 
Linuxconf in the distribution I am returning to my original point.  
However, if anyone else has any arguments, argue now.

In my original proposal I tried to make an interface that would abstract 
the configuring of when daemons run.  What I would want to do is include 
the same /etc/init.d script we do now.  We would also include an extra 
databse control file.  This file would be placed in 
/var/lib/dpkg/info/(package).database.  We would have a single call of 
"configure (package)" in the postinst script, instead of the 
"update-rc.d" call.  This "configure" program would be provided with 
whatever package you use to "activate" the daemons.  A default copy would 
be included with the system which would configure SysV init.  This copy 
would also be stored as "default_configure"  this copy would do the same 
job as "update-rc.d" except it would know how to deal with the database 
file.  When I install, say Linuxconf, Linuxconf would replace the 
"configure" program with its own.  This configure program will know how 
to make the Linuxconf drop-ins, plus it will still make the appropriate 
SysV init links.  This will enable Linuxconf to be removed and the System 
to function 100% normally. 

I am not trying to replace SysV init, I am just trying to give users more 
options.  Linuxconf is much more user friendly then plain SysV for 
starting and stoping programs, and is a very powerful admin tool as 
well.  I believe that it would be good for the distribution to include it.

comments anyone,


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