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package HOWTO

> I just had a look at Jaldhar document. It seams to me as it gives a good
> "overview" about what has to be done to create a .deb with deb-make.

  Oneone desputes that this is fine document. The problem is that the
empire (or the hello) package is too simple, normally packages are slightly
more complicated,(have conffiles, update /etc/inet.conf, etc.). We already
have few other documents in /usr/doc/debmake that explain such easy cases.
I am sure that one additional explanation of the same kind is only marginally
usufull and of little additional importance. We need a document to explain
what comes next, or an example that is more complicated. There is little need
to repeat the same thing one more time. 

 In addition, someone has to explain that there are two ways of building
packages: debmake, and dpkg-dev (?). If the user does not understand
this there will be mass confusion. I have been told, the easiest way
is to start with debmake, and later the "standard" way will become apparent.
Right now, I am working to consolidate various explanations written on
(absolute) simple package creation. What I think is needed, is an
introduction (preferably examples) to more complicated packages using debmake. 
To this end, there are presently no takers and it should go to the TO-DO list.

> So Igor, if you want to create a more detailed HOWTO, just go ahead! AFAIK
> the policy and the programmers manual contain some instructions on

Ioannis Tambouras 
ioannis@flinet.com, West Palm Beach, Florida
Signed pgp-key on key server. 

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