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Re: QA Manager and Policy Manager appointed

On Feb 20, Christian Schwarz wrote
> > Christian Schwarz - you are appointed Policy Manager. Your responsibilities
> > are to make sure that our policy manuals reflect the decisions arrived at
> > by the developers, and to coordinate implementation of policy decisions in
> > software and discussion of policy issues.
> I didn't know I candidated for the job :-) But sure, I'll take it!
> My first task will be to include the "Standard of Console Messages" I
> wrote some time ago (has been discussed and accepted on debian-devel
> already) in the manual.
> And there is still bug #7076 open which is about the definition of "free"
> software. I'll have a look at this.

Please also take a look at the "copyright/export issues for mailers with pgp
hooks (bug #7257)" thread: where do packages with crypto hooks go?
My ideal solution would be:
- maintenance of crypto and crypto-hook packages by maintainers outside of
  the US, and uploaded to a site outside the US
- import these packages into the US on master
- make them available in a separate section on US FTP sites that makes it
  clear they are not to be exported by non-US citizens

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