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Re: An alternative to deb-make Re: deb-make

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Any changes to dpkg-gencontrol &c should be backward-compatible.
> Perhaps a `-M<packagename>' option which means `this is a multi-binary
> package, and I'm doing package <packagename>, and I want you to set
> the default directories and files accordingly' ?

This sounds good.  It should allow you to specify a list of
packages such as "-M<pkg>,<pkg1>,<pkg2>".  That way you could
act on as many of the target packages in one felt swoop as you
wanted.  This type of syntax could be implemented in other tools
in the future as well.

I have a question about what people consider a "multi-binary
package" though.  I have a source tree that I would like to use
to produce a compiler, a run time library, and a "source" package
(that is a .deb of the source).  would this be considered


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