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Dselect/dpkg feature request

I occasionally like to try out new (at least to me) packages.
Sometimes these packages depend on other packages, which depend on
still more packages and I wind up having to install several packages
just to try the one I'm interested in.  No problem right, dselect will
handle everything automatically.  Well no, not exactly.  It handles
the install aspect of things just fine, but it doesn't handle the
uninstall aspect near as nicely.  If I decide I don't like or don't
need the package I wanted to try in the first place, I have to
remember to uninstall all of the other packages that it depended on.
It would be nice if I could just deselect the first package and have
dselect clean everything up automatically.

I think this problem can be solved cleanly by adding two related
features to dselect/dpkg.  First, have dselect/dpkg distinguish
between packages that the user explicitly selects to be installed and
packages that are implicitly selected because other selected packages
depended on them.  Second, have dselect/dpkg automatically (or
possibly with user confirmation) deselect any implicitly selected
packages when they are no longer needed.


David Engel                        ODS Networks
david@sw.ods.com                   1001 E. Arapaho Road
(972) 234-6400                     Richardson, TX  75081

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