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Re: An alternative to deb-make Re: deb-make

On 17 Feb 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> As I alluded to above, I've already worked a bit on a replacement for
> deb-make.
> I would be happy to submit this to the developer community as a
> possible tool to be modified and codified---with the caveat that I
> think we must spend some time desiging and re-designing features. I
> don't think we'll end up with a good tool unless we actually implement
> suggestions and measure the benefit---I feel strongly enough about
> this that I'll even volunteer to do most of it. :-)

Nonono! ;) You might as well decide to base it on debmake directly, and
that's how it's working at the moment. Decide on the features we want
first, with no reference to any programs or anything. /Then/ code it. If
your framework fits the features which people want, then fine, base it on
that. Otherwise, we're in danger of getting into exactly the same
situation as we're in at the moment, where the features which get added
are those which can be added, rather than those which should. It isn't
enough to say `modify this, but we'll have to think about features.'

Sorry if that comes over a bit strongly, but I do feel this is important.

Having said which, of course, some of the ideas mentioned below seem
good, although I have absolutely no experience of multi-binary packages.
But please, can we start afresh with the actual program?

Just my two small currency units of your choice,


Andy Mortimer, andy.mortimer@poboxes.com
Finger asm21@asm21.emma.cam.ac.uk for PGP public key
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My only comfort is the night gone black.

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