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Re: dpkg and epochs...

Guy Maor writes:
> bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:
> > It was my impression that, which is in "stable", handles epochs
> > correctly.
> That's correct, but the upgrade is still rather broken - a user who
> uses dselect to Update their available list is left with a broken
> system.  They have to do 'dpkg --clear-avail' and install the new
> version of dpkg manually (ie, not through dselect).
> This is a very FAQ.  Is the FAQ list still being maintained?

Sven's last update was at the end of December.  I am planning on updating
the FAQ this weekend.  (The hardest part of that job is not editing the
FAQ but reading all or enough of the messages in debian-user to figure out
which questions are frequently asked, but when they 'hit home' like this
one did, well, ...)

Susan Kleinmann

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