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Re: Some thoughts for Debian.

[Resent because of mailer trouble]

stutz@dsl.org (Michael Stutz)  wrote on 20.01.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.94.970120122541.29472B-100000@seka.nacs.net>:

> Finally, a voice of reason. What made me try Debian in the first place was
> its supposed commitment to free software and the free software community,
> and now the talk has turned into something more like marketing the next
> Microsoft product. Complete with brainstorming on how to destroy the
> competition (Red Hat and Slackware). Can't Debian exist with its brothers
> and sisters, or is this a fight to "win"? I believe that its success will
> depend on what Debian (and non-Debian) Linux/GNU has always depended on:
> individuals, and what this community of individuals will do with it.

What drug are you on?

Or maybe you've just come from a parallel universe. In any case, this  
paragraph is complete fantasy.

You'd better argue about what was really said. And before you do that, you  
might look into the products available from other sources, say the GNU  
stuff you can buy from the FSF.

Some people ...

MfG Kai

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