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Re: Some thoughts for Debian.

[Resent because of mailer trouble]

jgoerzen@complete.org (John Goerzen)  wrote on 21.01.97 in <199701210636.AAA19054@complete.org>:

> > jgoerzen@complete.org (John Goerzen)  wrote on 20.01.97 in
> > <199701200755.BAA06815@complete.org>:

> > In any case, I will be *very* disappointed if the final logo doesn't
> > include the penguin. Not only was it Linus' choice, it was also a *good*
> > choice.
> Problem I see with the penguin: what does it have to do with Debian or Linux
> in general, other than Linus thinks penguins are cute?

It's a logo. Look at other people using penguins as logos: what does it  
have to do with books, or with debuggers?

For that matter, why choose a read hat or a bitten apple not only as logo,  
but as company name?

> > You'd probably find the BSD devil just as "childish".
> No, I really liked the BSD Daemon.  The thing there was that it had
> something to do with the system (obviously) and it looks professional.  The
> penguin doesn't.  Maybe it's just the way the penguin is being drawn....
> [but I fear I am digressing from the

It has something to do with the system? This not only isn't obvious, it is  
actually hard to believe. Care to explain?

As to professional, the Linux penguin looks at least as professional to  

And lastly, there seems to be something missing there. Maybe you forgot to  
limit your line length?

MfG Kai

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