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Re: More support for European users in Debian

Winfried Truemper wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Fabrizio Polacco wrote:
> > The point was that translating also the system messages and
> > localizing demons would break existing tools that expects that
> > output in english.
> [...] it should be sufficient to set
> LANG=C for regular utitilies (before executing them).

Yes, and this was the reason why I suggested to leave root set to "C",
not the interactive user root, but the user that executes boot pgrogs,
cron and daemons.
This can't be easely done if we set LANG in the rc stage.

My suggestion is to leave C as the default setting and telling the
sysadm (and the users) set this in the .profile
I can see Ørn putting this setting in his /etc/skel and modifing my user
when I'll ask him an account  :-)
Addictionaly, for the scared, we can add a little script that prompts
with a list of locales available and ...

> [...]
> It has to be configurable somewhere in the future which languages are
> supported by a Linux-Box. Otherwise it will take up much disk-space (I
> would estimate 46MB for all message-files in all languages).
]Ian Jackson wrote:
]> Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:
]> > If we want to implement installing partial packages, it should
]> > be built into dpkg. Something like an option to avoid
]> > installing files that match a certain pattern.
]> Exactly. I have been planning this, but other things got there first.

IMHO this is what will solve this (and also others) problems.
Consider also that always more packages carry docs in several languages.

Another solution would be to break wg15 into several packages, one for
each language plus a base package for the common staff.

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