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Re: Telnet, ftp, vi HELP!!

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997 10:59:45 CST Jon Jackson (jon22@dakota.net) wrote:

>   I am in the process of installing your system, so far I have been
> extremely inpressed with it!  I am having some problems though, I cannot get
> telnet, ftp, or vi all of which I need. dpkg always bombs on me due to a gcc
> error, I used the ip of to get my files.  Could you please
> give me some pointers on this, and also tell me if I used the correct ftp
> site.  Thank you!!

This message probably belongs to debian-user, but whatever...
You're not very explicit about the problem you encountered.
I think you mean that the gcc installation script failed for some 
The best thing is to try to install it by hand with dpkg -i <gcc deb 
The restart the [I]nstall part of dselect, then the [C]onfigure.

Good luck.

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