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Re: More support European users in Debian

Ok, I see your point.
You say: let us set the language during boot for the vast majority of
users and let everyone reset the LANG in their .profile scripts, if they
In this way you can have boot messages, system and demon logs/errors in
your preferred language (supposing it's supported).

Ok, I can try this.
When should this choose be done? At installation time, from the base,
like the actual choose of the keyboard and of the timezone?

Then what? You would like to use this value to derive all other settings
like locale values. For keyboard and timezone I suggest only to derive
the default value, but to let anyway the installation ask for these

Should this value also be used by the installation scripts of some
packages or even to force the installation of some package like manpages
or else?

I see that this approach make the setting very easy and simple, but I
see also nightmares for when you want to change this setting (and all
its consequencies) or manage the exceptions.
But maybe it's only a problem of mine (=paranoia). My experience tells
me that things very easy for the major part (of time or of people) grow
very complicate for the minority or the exceptionality.

I would like a simple (but not too much) and well documented solution
that works for ALL, without exceptions.

(Huh? yes, I know the meaning of the word "utopia" :-)


> > +---------------------------------------------------------------+
> > > non scampa, tra chi veste da parata, chi veste una risata.[fg]|
> > +---------------------------------------------------------------+
> Huh? Please say that in English! :-)

I tryed, but I wasn't able to. Well, I can translate the words, not the
meaning. ...oh, maybe I should ask the author: happens that he teaches
English in the oldest University :-)
Anyway, is something about the fact that when everyone is dressed for
the parade, someone dressed for fun (like me) has no possible escape.
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