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Re: virtual maintainers, old source format, and a suggestion

"Larry 'Daffy' Daffner" <vizzie@airmail.net> writes:

> OK, I've got a question here...
> Do we have any idea how many packages are currently assigned to
> "virtual maintainers"?  Is it reasonable to guess that this list and
> the list of packages in the old source format are somewhat similar? My
> guess would be yes.
> Someone mentioned the possibility of a developer ping. I think that
> this might be a good idea.  Send out 1 mail message per package to the
> maintainer of the package, or maybe just restrict it to packages that
> haven't had a new version uploaded in in the past X months. The
> packages which 'fail' this ping, either through bad addresses or no
> response, then can get posted to the list for reassignment.  Any
> packages which no one volunteers for should then be moved into
> contrib, since they would not be considered maintained/supported at
> that point.
> Anyone else think this would be a good idea?  What would be a
> reasonable time frame for "No upload since", if it goes that route?
> And what would be a reasonable response time?

Give the developers at least a month to respond, maybe 2 months.  For
many packages, no contact for 2 months is fine.  How about starting to
ping only those who use outdated formats.  The required packages, and
certain other critical packages, should have shorter terms.

Kevin Dalley

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