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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

Steve Dunham:
> Um, that's my point. Bruce stated that 1.3 will be based on libc6 (aka
> glibc). If we want 1.3 to be out on time and to be stable, then we
> need libc6 ASAP, so we can start compiling packages against it and
> still have time left for a testing period.

Not so fast...  I don't think we have enough time to move to libc6
before the next planned release (and I have no idea if libc6 is stable
enough already, though it does have some nice features).  I'd suggest
to leave that for Debian 2.0, and put libc6 in experimental for now.
My opinion is that the first priority right now should be to fix bugs
and make installation easier.


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